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Anime / Japanese Club?

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Kayleigh. Some of you may know me, some of you might not. *shrug* I'm a bit of a "loner" sort of "outsider," though I am rather loud with my friends. Haha. Uhm. I'm a senior this year and will be 18 in 9 days would just like to get this out in the open. This might not be the most appropriate place for this, but it is somewhat related to our school and the such.

Last year, I was sort of "nominated" to be president of this anime club. I've never done any sort of club/leadership related things in my life, so this is me trying my best. Haha. Bear with me. I was approached this morning with the question of "What is going on with anime club this year? Aren't you president?!" I wasn't sure what to say. I hadn't found a sponsor or anything.

So. For those of you here that want an anime club, please give me any suggestions for sponsors. (Or even if you're not necessarily interested in an anime club, if you have any suggestions, they would be extremely and ultimately appreciated.)

Those of you interested or who think they might know someone who's interested, here's what I was planning for this year:

Naturally, watching anime. Haha. This is anime club, afterall. ;) I was also thinking of doing something, somehow, with some Japanese music outside of anime.

On that note, I was also thinking we could try and incorporate a bit of Japanese language/culture into this club as well. Because alot of anime is based in Japan, knowing the culture is imperative. While the language is a bit ... how to say this ... exaggerated and not necessarily the way it's spoken in Japan, it's very important that we not learn it as the sole Japanese dialect. I think I said that really wrong, but hopefully the point is getting across. While I am by no means fluent in Japanese, I do have quite a few workbooks for Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, as well as many grammar books and dictionaries - enough to go around. I also have a decent grasp on the language and it's structure and slight nuances. I am also a member of YesJapan.com and have many resources there.

I'd also be really interested in seeing what we can do about setting up a trip to Japan this summer? I know there were rumours of it last year, but I would really like to try my best to set it up so that it is something certain for this year. While it was in my personal plans to go Winter of '06, I wouldn't mind pushing it up a few months earlier. ^_^;

So please let me know what you think. Feel free to come to me in the halls at school. I hang out in Yellow in the morning. I have C lunch on Blue days and B lunch on Green days. I hang out in the Yellow Cafeteria on Blue days during C lunch and in the library on Green days during B lunch. Any input would be greatly appreciated and the likes.

-Kayleigh tokage
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