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i got a call[recorded] from mr. butthole today saying that physicals will be on August 8th at south lakes high school. they're $35 each and you have to get there at 6 o clock if you're a girl, and i'm not sure what time you have to be there if you're a guy, but i'm guessing 7. anyone else know? well, ok, there ya go. just letting you all know unless you didn't answer the phone or whatev.

sorry to remind you of school, but...oh well. sorry. i have like, nightmares about school starting again. i really don't want to.

oh and for pre IB english kids, what do we have to do for our summer assignments? i think it's silas marner[which btw, i hear is terrible, and my dad already told me everything that happens in it, because my dad was like "oh, is that the book where... _____ _______ ______" and i was like ok gooood. but yeah, do we have to do anything other than just read the book?

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YES ugh we have to read it and then answer two questions on it in essay form. The questions are on the SL website under the "summer reading" link so yeah. Just go there. That will probably be easy...although I haven't finished the piece of crap book yet so I haven't really looked.

UGH I can't believe how bad it is, though. I was given hope because last year the book was actually good. But you know when you have to read a paragraph over and over again? Well that's the whole book for me. I hate George Eliot.

eee i'm really afraid to start reading it.
and i hear that it has really bad literature and run-on sentences and stuff. i don't understand why they make us read stuff like this[silas marner, gilgamesh...] when it can only cause our writing to be worse, not better.

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ahah okay thanks, i'll keep that in mind.
are you going tomorrow?!!? i am!

oh, the assighnment is on

click on summer assighnmentssdfafasd
yeah i'm def going, then we can hang out. i wanted to hang out with you this weekend, but you weren't there! you poop head[well, i didnt' call you, but i did realize because of your lj that you were gone]
yes. well, its true. sweet!!!! ill see you there!!!
yayhoo! we actually got to see each other last night, now we just need to hang out a little bit more by ourselves, like, catch a movie or something cool like that.
agreed! na, im sooooooo sweaty right now!! i feel discusting! i was sweating so much that i couldnt see
yum yum
poop on a stick